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The Rise of Iraq’s Young Secularists

On Facebook and in the cafés of decimated Mosul, they envision a country free from political Islam. Do they have a shot?

Pew Survey Shows Young Americans Are Still Marching Away from Religious Myths

Those numbers are sure to get worse for believers as the Donald Trump era continues.

Young People Are Abandoning Religion Long Before They Go to College

Young people are less indoctrinated from an early age than ever before, and it’s hurting organized religion.

In Response to Christian Group, Atheists Begin “Young Skeptics” Club at CA Elementary School

It’s never too early to teach kids how to think critically.


One out of every four (25%) Americans—and nearly four in ten (39%) young adults—now identify as religiously unaffiliated, a group that has quadrupled in size since the 1990s and accounts for the fastest growing major group in the American religious landscape.

British Humanist Association sends The Young Atheist’s Handbook to every prison and young offender institution in the UK | Richard Dawkins Foundation

Today the British Humanist Association (BHA) is sending free copies of The Young Atheist’s Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life without God to every prison and young offender institutions in the United Kingdom.