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Supreme Court Won’t Hear Christian Group’s Case Involving Giant Cross in MI

Christians sued the city of Grand Haven (Michigan) to put a giant cross back up, and today marked the final nail in their coffin.http://bit.ly/2H48hOG


Raising A Child Without Religion Won’t Make Them A “Bad Person”

While many individuals learn selflessness, generosity, and gratitude through religion, countless others do not. These things aren’t exclusive to religion.http://bit.ly/2f4qdg7


Science is My Religion, Says Monk Who Won Rs 65 Lakh Prize For Math – NDTV.com

Until recently the holder of a bank account with just a few thousand rupees, Professor Mahan Maharaj, an ascetic monk, is today the winner of a Rs 65 lakh-prize for his work in geometry.http://bit.ly/1I9anp7