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Man Harasses Woman Over Pants, Gets Karma

A Muslim bodyguard was given a dose of karma after he called a woman a prostitute and threatened to “blow her up” over her outfit.

Indiana Woman Kin Park Thaing's Religious-Freedom Defense of Beating Her Son With a Coat Hanger Is Unlikely to Succeed – The Atlantic

An Indiana woman’s claim that she beat her son because of her faith is unlikely to succeed in court, but it could have implications for how Americans perceive these kinds of arguments in the future.

Indiana woman uses state ‘religious freedom’ law to justify lashing son with coat hanger

A 30-year-old Indiana woman facing felony child abuse charges is arguing that she should not be prosecuted under the state’s “religious freedom” law, WTHR-TV reported.

The Woman Who Took On Popoff: The Hidden Story of Crystal Sanchez, the Peter Popoff Whistleblower – CSI

Peter Popoff says he’s a healer and a prophet of God. His former employee says he’s something quite different.

Woman beats disabled man with his own cane for saying he doesn’t believe in God: police

A Kentucky woman was arrested on accusations she beat a disabled man with his metal cane until it broke, because he said he didn’t believe in God, WDRB reports.

Woman died after Muslim nurse refused to help as he was praying – Telegraph

An elderly woman was left on the floor at a care home for up to ten minutes
because a nurse was praying, an inquest heard.