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Atheist Group Convinces Virginia Town to Cancel Field Trip to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter | Christian News Network

CHRISTIANBURG, Va. — A prominent professing atheist organization has convinced the parks and recreation department of a Virginia town to cancel an upcoming

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoes religious freedom bill

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday vetoed a religious freedom bill that critics said would have allowed anti-LGBT discrimination.

West Virginia Senate Votes Down “Religious Freedom” Bill

Other states should follow West Virginia’s lead.

West Virginia Republicans Push For A Law Making Any Crime Committed For Jesus Legal | If You Only News

West Virginia Republicans are trying to squeeze a new through the state legislature that would literally eliminate laws if you can prove Jesus made you do it. That’s right, if they get their way, you’ll be able to cook meth, rob people, rape, pillage and murder if you can show that your religious beliefs, or more specifically your Christian beliefs, not only allow it but require it.

Antievolution lawsuit filed in West Virginia | NCSE

“A parent of a Jefferson County student has filed a federal lawsuit against local, state and federal education officials claiming the teaching of evolution, which he says is a religion, violates his child’s Constitutional rights.”