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Top Vatican official charged with mutiple child sex offenses

Top Vatican official charged with mutiple child sex offenses

Surprise! The U.S. Doesn’t Appear on List of Top 50 Countries Where Christians Face Persecution

A non-profit group that tracks (legitimate) Christian persecution around the world just released a list of the “50 countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith.”
To the surprise of Religion Right leaders, I assume, the United States didn’t make the cut.

Trump’s Top Pick For Ag Secretary Advocates Prayer For Drought Relief

Trump’s top pick for Agriculture Secretary is a Christian extremist who believes prayer is a reasonable government response to drought.

The Atheist Population is Growing – Here are the Top 10 Benefits of Being an Atheist – think24x7

In spite of the fact that the correct number is difficult to bind, an expected 13% of the world population, identifies as atheist (non-believers). While accepting or not having confidence in a God is a difficult individual decision, there is a developing collection of evidence that focuses to specific advantages of being an atheist.

The top 9 atheist wins of 2015

In 2015, atheists began to assert themselves even more in the public square as prominent atheists such as HBO host Bill Maher, biologist Richard Dawkins, and neuroscientist Sam Harris used cable television and social media to openly discuss their lack of faith in a world that has become consumed by religious fundamentalism of all stripes.

Top judge leads calls to scrap mandatory daily Christian worship in UK schools | Education | The Guardian

Influential report urges end to religious assemblies and raises concern over segregation

The Top 10 Positive Aspects of Being An Atheist • The Thinker

The Top 10 Positive Aspects of Being An Atheist • The Thinker

The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Becoming An Atheist – Modesto Atheism | Examiner.com

10. Don’t go to college. Book learnin’ is for sinners. 9. If you do go to college, don’t take an Introduction to Philosophy course.