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Today: Tennessee Senate Scheduled to Vote to Make the Bible the Official State Book – The New Civil Rights Movement

Separation of Church and State? What Separation of Church and State?

From Muslim to Nonbeliever | Psychology Today

Group supports ex-Muslims who now embrace a secular worldview.

Why Are Educated People More Likely to Be Atheists? | Psychology Today

The more education a person receives, the more likely they are to become atheists. Non belief also increases with intelligence and income. Residents of more educated countries see religion as less important in their daily lives.

Two Years Without God

It was two years ago today that I woke up to the firestorm that Year Without God had become and just over one year since I told Arun Rath at NPR that I don’t believe in God anymore. It’s hard to imagine that two years have gone by. I’ve made so many new friends over these years—too many to name—and my life has been enriched by each interaction with people who are part of the atheist and humanist communities, however you want to define those.

Jesus never existed

“I saw an article in Inquisitor today,wherein someone read through 126 historic documents from 1st century Israel, written by people who should have known about Jesus, yet had never heard of him. This includes Josephus, whose only mention of Jesus is now known to have been a forgery or redaction inserted later by someone else.”