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Religious leader thinks beards ‘prevent’ homosexuality

Men looking to promote a heterosexual image may want to consider not shaving—at least, that’s what a leader of Russia’s Old Believers religious group warned recently.

Proselytizing High School Teacher Thinks He Got Fired Because He’s a Christian

“This isn’t persecution. This isn’t even the plot of God’s Not Dead 3. This is just a teacher who thinks the rules don’t apply to him because he loves Jesus. He deserves to be fired.”

Creationist Ken Ham Thinks Atheists Oppose His Noah’s Ark Theme Park Because We’re Anti-Christian

No one has “Arkophobia.”

Would You Come Out as Non-Religious if it Meant Losing Your Scholarship?

Who thinks, “I’ll admit I’m an atheist after I have my student loans paid off”?

CNN Thinks Atheists Are the Devil – The Daily Beast

The network aired a program about nonbelievers that wrongly suggested they not only are a unified group, but the most hated one in the country.