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Tennessee lawmakers pass bill requiring ‘In God We Trust” be displayed in schools

The bill overwhelmingly passed the state House on Monday with 81 of the 99 members voting in favor of it.

Can an atheist win public office in Tennessee? We’ll find out Tuesday.

Gayle Jordan, a Democrat running for state senate in Trump country, will soon find out if an openly atheist candidate can win public office in Tennessee.

Scientology Centers in Tennessee Shut Down After Patients Found Imprisoned Against Their Will

One man had been there for nine months and wanted to go home.

Tennessee Repeals Protections For Faith Healing Parents

Secular victory: Tennessee will now prosecute faith healing parents who damage or kill their children by choosing prayer over modern medicine.

Tennessee governor vetoes law christening Bible as official book | Reuters

The governor of Tennessee vetoed legislation on Thursday that would have made the Christian Bible the state’s official book, saying it would violate the U.S. Constitution, but lawmakers vowed to hold a vote to overrule his decision.

Today: Tennessee Senate Scheduled to Vote to Make the Bible the Official State Book – The New Civil Rights Movement

Separation of Church and State? What Separation of Church and State?

Tennessee House Bill Would Let Therapists Refuse to Treat Atheists, Gay People, and Other Sinners

Is this what being a Christian is all about now?

Push to make Bible Tennessee’s official book returns

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The state Senate sponsor of a proposal to designate the Holy Bible the official book of Tennessee is trying to persuade colleagues to revive the effort.

Tennessee senate: OK to deny counseling to LGBT patients due to religious beliefs

Opponents argued that counselors shouldn’t be allowed to deny treatment of people in crisis because they are gay, transgender or practice a different religion.

Tennessee School Can't Hand Out Bibles Anymore Because Stupid Constitution – Wonkette

Another blow to the oppressed Christian majority across America, as some smart aleck in Tennessee decided to look up this “Constitution” thing, and you’ll never believe the crazy talk hidden deep inside of it!