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WATCH: Christian author tells followers to not vaccinate their kids because “there’s nothing in the Bible” about it

A Christian author recently told her followers on Facebook to avoid taking vaccines because they were never mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Per Patheos, Christian wellness author Brittney Kara last week posted a video to her Facebook account that took Christians to task for vaccinating their children. “There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about vaccines,” she says. “So, just want you guys to think about that. So if God knew in the future that…

Go Ahead And Break The Law, Ky. Governor Tells Pastors | Americans United

“There is no reason to fear it; there is no reason to be silent,” Bevin claimed. “And that we have been exhorted and encouraged to have this boldness and this spirit, to be unapologetic, and I would encourage you to do it.”

CFI Tells Supreme Court: Church Facilities Must Not Be Funded By Taxpayer Dollars | Center for Inquiry

The Center for Inquiry yesterday joined with our friends and allies to submit an amicus brief to the Supreme Court yesterday in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley. The brief can be found here.

Christian Pastor Tells Dubious Story of Defeating Atheist in a Debate in Under Two Minutes

I don’t believe this debate even happened.

Army Tells Soldiers Only Jesus Can Heal Rape Victims

Here’s another appalling story uncovered by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Every year the Army does mandatory meetings about rape and sex trafficking, but this year they invited a speaker at one of their events who told the soldiers that only Jesus can heal them if they’ve been raped.

Pastafarianism is Not a Real Religion, Judge Tells Prisoner in Completely Serious Decision

Stephen Cavanaugh is a prisoner currently being held in the Nebraska State Penitentiary. As a prisoner, he has the right to practice his religion and get special perks associated with being part of an organized belief system — as he says, “the ability to order and wear religious clothing and pendants, the right to meet for weekly worship services and classes and the right to receive communion.”

But Cavanaugh filed a lawsuit recently saying the prison was denying him these opportunities… all because he was a Pastafarian. (Seriously.)

School board member tells atheists to ‘crawl back into their hellhole’ if they don’t like ‘Christmas break’

A Nebraska school board member fought a losing battle to bring back the designation “Christmas break” in place of the proposed “winter break” on the school calendar and invited atheists to “crawl back in their hellhole” if they didn’t like it, reports Omaha.com.

Ted Cruz Surrogate Tells MSNBC ‘Separation of Church and State is a Myth’ | Mediaite

For Americans worried about the possibility of a presidency that conflicts with their own faith, or lack thereof, the Ted Cruz campaign has news for you: that

Marine vet tells DMV his USMC hat is a religious headdress – USMC Life

When Marine veteran Alex Morales went to a California DMV on December 18th, to renew his license, he was told to remove his hat before having his picture taken.