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Spain’s New Prime Minister Is Atheist, Takes Oath Without Bible

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is an atheist, and the the first Spanish Prime Minister to be sworn into office without a Bible or crucifix.

WCPO takes a peek inside NKY Ark Encounter attraction – Story

While it doesn’t open for another two days, WCPO – 9 On Your Side will give viewers a preview of the Ark Encounter attraction in Northern Kentucky.

A Burmese atheist who takes inspiration from George Carlin and Bart Simpson | WGBH News

When Kyaw Moe Khine was in 9th grade, he told his parents that he was an atheist. His parents didn’t quite get it, he says. They didn’t even know what

Non-religious North Carolina mayor takes his oath while holding a copy of the Constitution

When Franklin, North Carolina mayor Bob Scott was sworn into his second term this week, the self-identified Humanist decided to honor his belief in the Separation of Church and State. Scott was not sworn in on the bible, but instead took his oath on a copy of the Constitution.