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Study: Better Government Services and Quality of Life Reduce Need for Religion

The better the quality of life your government offers, the less need you have for religion, the study found.

White Christians now a minority among US population, study finds

The share of Americans who identify as white and Christian has dropped below 50 percent, a transformation fuelled by immigration and by growing numbers of people who reject organised religion altogether, according to a new survey released Wednesday.

Study: Atheists behave more fairly toward Christians than Christians behave toward atheists

Psychologists have long known that people tend to favor their own group over others, a social phenomenon known as ingroup bias. But new research provides e …

Study: Katharine Hayhoe is successfully convincing doubtful evangelicals about climate change

Dana Nuccitelli: A new study finds that a lecture from evangelical climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe successfully educates evangelical college students, validating the “trusted sources” approach

A quarter of Americans are atheist, study suggests | The Kansas City Star

Researchers say atheism is growing, but prejudice against the faithless remains common.

Study uncovers how brain damage increases religious fundamentalism

Research has found religious belief is associated with certain regions of the human brain, but there is still much to learn about how these areas influence …

Trump Cabinet has Bible study meetings with pastor who wants ‘disciples of Christ’ to take over the government

Cabinet officials in the President Donald Trump’s White House meet for a weekly Bible study group led by a right-wing pastor dedicated to “making disciples of Christ in the Capitol” and spreading Christian fundamentalism among U.S. leaders.

New study shows number of American atheists underreported – Religion News Service

(RNS) Could the actual number be as high as 26 percent?

Study finds religious factors linked to searches for online pornography in the United States

A state-level analysis has found that religion is correlated to searches for online pornography in the USA. The study, published in the The Journal of Sex …

Watching porn regularly may make you more religious, study says

Technically Incorrect: A researcher at the University of Oklahoma theorizes that guilt might be involved.