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Teaching Students Philosophy Will Improve Their Academic Performance, Shows Study | Big Think

A recent study demonstrates significant benefits of teaching young students philosophy.

Christian academy in Kansas notifies students they can be expelled for having a gay family member

“In order to attend Trinity Christian Academy in Wichita, Kansas, both parents and students must sign a form that acknowledging (among other things) that they understand they can be expelled if they have an LGBT family member in the home. Not for being an LGBT student at the private Christian school, merely for having an LGBT family member in the home.”

Should Students be Taught to Spot Logical Fallacies? | Intellectual Takeout

It would certainly come in handy during the political season…

Thanks to Christians pushing Bibles on students, Colorado elementary school must now make Satanic coloring books available | DeadState

Delta Middle School in Colorado will now be giving away coloring books from The Satanic Temple, all thanks to Christians who demanded Bibles be given away and the school board that allowed it to happen.

Scholarships and Essay Contests for Secular Students | Secular Student Alliance

Every year, the Secular Student Alliance and other like minded organizations offer scholarships to students. Check here frequently to see what’s being offered.

Swedish teachers and students often talk about religion as something outdated and strange | EurekAlert! Science News

In Swedish classrooms, religion is often associated with an obsolete time when people just didn’t know better — as if religion used to serve a purpose but there is no need for it in the modern world. This is the conclusion of a doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg that explores how teachers and students talk about religion and worldviews within the framework of non-confessional integrative Religious Education in upper-secondary classrooms.

For Atheist Students, Back-To-School Can Be Stressful – TheHumanist.com

It’s that time of year—summer is reaching its end and children are anxiously awaiting one of the most stressful days of the year: the first day of school. When I think back to my school days, I remember the wave of worry that consumed my mind as I slowly made my way to the bus […]

College Scholarships for Students who are Atheists and Freethinkers

The scholarships we’ve found for atheists and freethinkers cover a lot of ground. Basically it proves our point that there are scholarships that exist well outside what most people consider to be mainstream.