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What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God

It’s like going off a drug.

Stop Using God to Terrify and Punish Black Children – EBONY

When instilling fear in Black children, people tend to rely on God to do so. This writer explains why you shouldn’t use religion to keep kids in check.

Why most people leave religion? They just ‘stop believing’

In a gloomy forecast for organized religion, only seven percent of the ‘nones’ say they are looking for a religion.

There’s No Controversy: Let’s Stop Failing Our Children On Evolution

As young-Earth creationism and its “humans and dinosaurs co-existed” discourse continues to be popular, anthropologist Barbara J. King takes a look at how to help kids understand evolution.

The Federal Government Must Stop Catholic Hospitals From Harming More Women | American Civil Liberties Union

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly a common story. A woman who is expecting a baby rushes to the hospital knowing that something is going horribly awry. Her heart rate is elevated, and she is bleeding. Sadly, the pregnancy is doomed. Crying and upset, she realizes she needs an abortion because she knows the pregnancy won’t make it to term.   And she knows she is getting sicker.

Britain is no longer a Christian country and should stop acting as if it is, says judge | Richard Dawkins Foundation

A two-year commission, chaired by the former senior judge Baroness Butler-Sloss and involving leading religious leaders from all faiths, calls for public life in Britain to be systematically de-Christianised.

Stop accusing me of ad hominem fallacies you stupid idiots | The Logic of Science

Ad hominem fallacies are among the most common logical fallacies, but they are also among the most misunderstood. Indeed, I often see people falsely accusing their opponent of committing an ad hominem fallacy. Therefore, I am going to explain how this fallacy actually works and give you some basic tools to identify it. There are…

11 Things American Conservatives Must Stop Claiming As Persecution

1.) It’s not persecution when scientists agree on the origin of the universe and human life and those facts conflict with religious tales.

Stop Calling the Bible a 2,000-Year-Old Book

“At the very least, say it’s a 1,600-year-old book, referring to the mid-4th century when the complete canon was officially adopted. If they have a look of puzzlement on their face, this is a great opportunity to share with them the long and dubious process by which their “divinely inspired” text was created.”

Stop the Jihadi Onslaught Against Atheists and Free Thinkers – The Daily Beast

We must defend minorities, and also the minorities within minorities.