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Faith-based initiatives: Trump signs order on National Day of Prayer

The executive order repeals Obama administration rules limiting the ability of groups getting federal funds to preach to those they serve.

Here are 4 signs you might be demonically possessed — according to a Catholic psychiatrist

You know, in case you thought it was psychosis or the flu or cramps or something…

Three Warning Signs That Village Atheism Is Your New Religion – TheHumanist.com

I recently came across an open attempt to “diss” secular social justice activism. In the interest of not igniting some kind of flame war, I’ll just say that the author’s intent was clear but the reasoning vacillated between simplistic and specious.

Religion Clause: Florida Governor Signs Pastor Protection Act

On March 10, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 43, known as the Pastor Protection Act. (Full text) (Bill history). The new law protects clergy as well as churches, religious organizations and their employees from liability or penalties for refusing to solemnize a marriage or refusing to provide goods, services, or facilities related to the marriage solemnization or celebration where doing so would violate a sincerely held religious belief. Liberty Counsel issued a press release on the governor’s action.