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Trump to Sign Faith-Based Initiative Order Giving White Evangelicals More Power

We don’t need this. White evangelicals have too much political power already, and they’ve done plenty of damage with it.http://bit.ly/2jpj6Q8


Note to Atheists: Low Incarceration Rates Are Not a Sign of Morality – Greta Christina’s Blog

There are good arguments for why atheists are moral. Low prison rates isn’t one of them — because the U.S. justice system is horribly unjust.http://bit.ly/1PX7GJy


Bakery Owner Puts Up Sign Telling Customers to Leave if They Don’t Want to Hear “Merry Christmas”

The same people who think there is a “War on Christmas” are the only ones making a war out of Christmas.http://bit.ly/1OYKhNi