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The Rise of Iraq’s Young Secularists

On Facebook and in the cafés of decimated Mosul, they envision a country free from political Islam. Do they have a shot?

Roy Moore And The Dangerous Rise Of Christian Nationalism

Don’t be shocked by the allegations against Moore. Subjugation of women and girls is actually his movement’s plan.

Is the Rise of “Nones” Actually the Decline of Catholics? | Religion Dispatches

The Public Religion Research Institute is out with another fascinating report on one of the most significant religious trends of our time: the dramatic rise in disaffiliation, or, as some call them, the “nones.”

Nonbelievers on the rise in the Bible Belt?

With the Skepticon atheist convention this weekend and a variety of new social and political outlets, local secular folks are making their voices heard.

Atheism On The Rise In U.S. As More Begin Believing Jesus Christ Is A Myth And Never Existed

More and more people are turning toward atheism and way from religion as they truly believe the historical version of Jesus Christ is a myth.