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Richard Dawkins Will Soon Offer Free Downloads of His Books in Islamic Nations

Millions of copies of The God Delusion have allegedly been downloaded in the Islamic world.

Now, Richard Dawkins says he’ll make the process of reading his work even easier in those countries.

Ask Richard: Older Atheists Have Difficulties with Their Religious Families, Too (Part 2 of 2)

It won’t be entirely smooth, but there’s a way to do it.

Richard Dawkins: Religion Is a Meme and Religious Beliefs Are “Mind-Parasites”

Work on “memes” by Richard Dawkins provides insight on the spread of thought viruses.

How to Fight Extremism with Atheism | Richard Dawkins Foundation

The world isn’t ending, but we face a tremendous problem from people who believe it is. The beliefs of many radicals have become increasingly apocalyptic over the past decade. They’re convinced the end of the world is imminent and that they have a special role in bringing it about. Whether or not you’re interested in the apocalypse, terrorists who believe it’s coming are interested in you.

Rampant religious persecution against atheists | Richard Dawkins Foundation

Should it be a crime to deny the existence of God?

In the Russian city of Stavropol, Viktor Krasnov, a 38-year-old man, faces trial, charged with publicly insulting Orthodox Church believers by supporting atheism in social media. For proclaiming in a heated Internet exchange “there is no God,” Krasnov was confined for a month to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. If convicted under Russia’s blasphemy law, enacted in 2013 and making it illegal to “insult the religious convictions or feelings of citizens,” he may spend up to a year in prison.

Richard Dawkins stroke forces delay of Australia and New Zealand tour | Science | The Guardian

Author of The God Delusion suffered ‘minor stroke’ in UK and is now recuperating at home

I’m Finally Breaking Up With Richard Dawkins

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m done with Richard Dawkins. As a teenager, the brilliant scientist was among the first to break through my bubble of petty fundamentalism and push me to think critically about the superstitions that envelope our cultures. I miss that guy and have no idea where he went.

‘Royal wedding’ of atheist group, Richard Dawkins Foundation, launches woman to top post – Religion News Service

It’s like a royal wedding in the small world of atheist organizations: the Center for Inquiry and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science are merging to form the largest reason-based organization in the U.S.

The $58 Million Frivolous Lawsuit Against Richard Dawkins is Finally Over

The lawsuit was filed by Karl L. Dahlstrom, a self-proclaimed “modern Renaissance man” who wrote an anti-evolution book called The Organized Universe in 2013. That book offered “scientific proof” that Darwinism was a hoax. To no one’s surprise, the experts were not convinced.

Richard Dawkins Says Christian Who Do Good Works to Avoid Hell Are ‘Self-Centered’

Atheist professor and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has said that Christians who do good works only to avoid Hell or receive the award of Heaven are “self-centered.”