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They’re Not Coming Back: The Religiously Unaffiliated and the Post-Religious Era

The wistful refrain among religionists has for some time now been the same: the religiously unaffiliated will return to religious practice one of these days. New numbers from a survey jointly conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service, however, might crush whatever hope is left about luring Nones back into the fold.

Muslim shopkeeper murdered in suspected ‘religiously prejudiced’ attack after posting on Facebook of love for Christians – Telegraph

Detectives arrest 32-year-old Muslim man after Pakistani-born Asad Shah, 40, repeatedly stabbed in savage attack

Religiously unaffiliated Americans are the new powerhouse political bloc. But only if they vote.

While political observers closely monitor evangelical voters, especially in Super Tuesday’s mostly Southern primaries, the religiously unaffiliated may the most important political group no one talks about.