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Creationism support is at new low. The reason should give us hope.

People aren’t dumping faith. They’re reconciling creationism and evolution in a way that suggests how we can bridge other polarizing divides.

The Predatory Side of Religion

Some of us have good reason to keep our misfortunes to ourselves.

God is Not an Acceptable Reason in a Secular Society | SecularVoices.org

In the United States we enjoy the “freedom of religion.” This freedom to believe whatever one wants to about divine beings, or to not believe at all, is an

Politicians ignore Reason Rally at their peril

A glass-half-full assessment of the secular movement shows a level of progress and momentum that promises to make it harder for politicians to disregard, writes Tom Krattenmaker.

Women Are Leaving Church, And the Reason Seems Clear | Religion Dispatches

A new Pew Research Center analysis of General Social Survey data confirms a long-simmering trend in U.S. religious observance: While attendance at religious services has declined for all Americans, it has declined more among women then men.

No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason. Thank God for That. | Big Think

“Everything happens for a reason” is my very least favorite thing for someone to say. It is bad philosophy, bad theology, bad thinking, and bad advice. It manages to combine the maximum of ignorance with the maximum of arrogance.

Atheists: Here’s Another Reason You Need To Book Women At Conferences

As I write this, the Seventh Annual Orange Country Freethought Alliance Conference—so good they named it lots—is underway. I know this because over the last hour, friends have been sharing an image showcasing (if not advertising) the conference’s lineup of speakers. According to the ad, there are twelve people speaking at this year’s OCFAC. In stark contrast with the county itself, all of them appear to be white, while in contrast with planet Earth, eleven appear to be men. I’m not here to crucify OCFAC’s organisers—there is, however, a point I’d like to make.

Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason — Tim Lawrence

I emerge from this conversation dumbfounded. I’ve seen this a million times before, but it still gets me every time.

The Reason Rally Returns With Johnny Depp, Bill Nye, And Other Famous Nonbelievers: DCist

Come all ye unfaithful, there’s a large-scale rally on the Mall for you, too.

Actor Johnny Depp Will Speak at Reason Rally 2016

No word on whether Tim Burton will be joining him.