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As Non-Religious Numbers Grow, More Parents Are Raising Kids Without Religion

You don’t need religion to teach ethics and morality. Atheist parents understand that.

I’m Raising My Child Without Religion, And Don’t Worry, They’re Not Going To Be A ‘Bad Person’ – Scary Mommy

“You’re going to get the baby baptized, right?” I took a breath and exhaled. I knew what was coming next, and so I composed my thoughts before speaking. I knew I had to say more than “no.”

Raising A Child Without Religion Won’t Make Them A “Bad Person”

While many individuals learn selflessness, generosity, and gratitude through religion, countless others do not. These things aren’t exclusive to religion.

Atheists Are Raising Funds to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims

God won’t help in this situation, but your donations will.

Atheists Are Raising Funds to Help Flood Victims in Louisiana. Please Consider Chipping In!

You may have heard that Louisiana is suffering from massive flooding. 40,000 homes have been damaged. 8,000 people are in emergency shelters. Nearly a dozen people have died. And it’s not over yet.

Raising Children Without Religion May Be A Better Alternative, Suggests New Research | Bustle

Gone are the days of the unyielding God-fearing mother as the archetype of good parenting, suggests a recent article from the Los Angeles Times. According to multiple reports, research has shown that a secular upbringing may be healthier for children. According to a 2010 Duke University study, kids