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Political Progress for Nonreligious Americans | Psychology Today

Secular Americans have struggled to tear down the “fence of piety” around the political realm. And now they’re making progress.

Why Do People Hold to Their Beliefs So Stubbornly? | Psychology Today

A discussion of the problems attendant upon holding on to fallacious beliefs stubbornly—and the reasons why these views are intractable.

Psychology of Religion: Religion – a Hell of a Lot of Fear and Depression (Redux)

I promised to dig out some ones about hell recently, as there have been some threads discussing it. This article is taken from the excellent podcast Reasonable Doubts which itself borrows from source material and commentary from Tom Rees’ superb Epiphenom blog here at Patheos. Thanks to these two great sources for the bulk of this article.

From Muslim to Nonbeliever | Psychology Today

Group supports ex-Muslims who now embrace a secular worldview.

Why Are Educated People More Likely to Be Atheists? | Psychology Today

The more education a person receives, the more likely they are to become atheists. Non belief also increases with intelligence and income. Residents of more educated countries see religion as less important in their daily lives.