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Pope Francis: The Church Is “Hemorrhaging” Priests; “God Only Knows” Our Future

If we’re lucky, there will come a day when we don’t need any priests at all.

Pope Francis reduces penalties for paedophile priests to a lifetime of prayer

The Pope faces widespread condemnation for his ‘merciful’ approach to child sex offenders.

Pope: It’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian

Atheists cause less scandal then Christians who talk one way and act another, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis admits 1 in 50 priests is a pedophile.

Pope Francis admits 1 in 50 priests is a pedophile. Pope Francis has revealed that around one in every 50 Catholic priests is a paedophile. Condemning the issue as a ‘leprosy’ which infects the Church, the Pontiff was yesterday reported as claiming that even bishops and cardinals are among the…

Pope Francis: The Catholic Church will never accept gay unions · PinkNews

Pope Francis has released a long-awaited report on ‘the family’ which affirms existing church teachings opposing gay equality and same-sex marriage.

Pope Francis: Donald Trump Is Not A Good Christian

“I say only that this man is not Christian if he said things like that.” Or to put it another way, even the “Right Hand of God™” is prone to the occasional No True Scotsman fallacy.

CUBA: Pope Francis & Head Of Russian Orthodox Church Issue Joint Denouncement Of Gay Marriage – Joe.My.God.

This just in from the “oh, how ironic” dept.: Progressive Pope Cuddles™, leader of the world’s largest pedophile ring, and his Russian equivalent sign statements devoting same-sex marriage.

What Pope Benedict Knew About Abuse in the Catholic Church – The New Yorker

Alexander Stille on the abuse that occurred under Georg Ratzinger, the Pope’s brother, and what Benedict knew about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Stop Applauding the Pope: A Word on the Misguided Praise from Progressives

Which phrase caused this sudden liberal amnesia in regards to the Vatican’s 2000-year history of getting everything wrong in the worst possible ways?