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Can an atheist win public office in Tennessee? We’ll find out Tuesday.

Gayle Jordan, a Democrat running for state senateĀ in Trump country, will soon find out if an openly atheist candidateĀ can win public office in Tennessee.

Three More Candidates for Statewide Office Announce Their Non-Theism Before the Primaries

There are a lot of atheists running for office this year.

Canada Shuts Down Its Office of Religious Freedom

The victim was barely three years old.

Atheists want law removed that bars them from office

The 30-year-old Hermitage woman came out as an atheist almost a year ago and is adding her voice to a national push to take provisions that discriminate against nonbelievers off the books. The effort is spearheaded by Openly Secular, which issued a report late last year finding that eight states, including Tennessee, had similar language in their constitutions.