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Black Nonbelievers 2018 Convention at Sea

Online registration for Black Nonbelievers 2018 Convention at Sea on November 24th 2018. Online registration ends November 23rd 2018. @BNonbelievers

Chat with the founder of Black Nonbelievers on community building and public engagement

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: There are a lot of terms that float around with regards to formal non-religion. Those who are often termed “the Nones” or “the religiously unaffiliated.” They can be…

Every Day Is Sunday: As atheism rises, nonbelievers find one another

Jeff Newport can cite the Bible chapter and verse.

12 Things Not to Say to Grieving Nonbelievers

Some of these are offensive even to those with religious belief.

The Political Ascension of the Nonbelievers

Is this election making way for a new type of American voter?

Politician comes out as atheist to reduce stigma against nonbelievers

“There has been a lot of highly visible discrimination against minority faiths and nonbelievers in this state recently. When the Phoenix City Council held an emergency meeting to discuss whether it would allow the nontheistic Satanic Temple to offer an invocation, I heard a lot of inflammatory things said about secular Arizonans. There’s too much animosity against my community for me to be silent any longer.”

Nonbelievers on the rise in the Bible Belt?

With the Skepticon atheist convention this weekend and a variety of new social and political outlets, local secular folks are making their voices heard.