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In Newspaper Rant, Pastor Dreams of Nation In Which Non-Christians Are Banished – Friendly Atheist

What’s scary is that a newspaper published this like it was no big deal.Imagine if a Muslim or atheist said the same sorts of things.

The US: One nation not quite under God – Religion News Service

(RNS) Politicians often cite American “exceptionalism” and the country’s high level of religiosity when boasting about one nation under God.

But this country isn’t so unique on the faith front any more, say two sociology professors.

Bible Belt Leads The Nation In Black Friday Violence

Onward, Christian soldiers: Research shows the majority of states where shoppers are most likely to experience violence while shopping on Black Friday are located in the Bible Belt.

Madison first in nation to pass ordinance protecting atheists | News – Channel3000.com

As the current common council met for the last time Tuesday, members unanimously voted to make discriminating against atheism, and others who do not believe in God, illegal.