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Atheists Offered To Meet John Kasich In Person After The Governor Displayed Slytherin-like Intolerance | Richard Dawkins Foundation

Former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich doesn’t understand Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. During a stop in New Hampshire last week, Kasich entered a bookstore. After picking up a copy of one of the Harry Potter books, the Ohio governor more typically known for his sunny disposition wondered aloud about Radcliffe’s religious affiliations.http://bit.ly/2cxvUld


Meet the atheist who quizzes presidential candidates about their faith – The Washington Post

“Hi. I’m an atheist.” The room went silent.http://wapo.st/1PeFenu


Meet three people targeted for being ‘atheists’, and a Muslim leader condemning their beliefs – BBC News

Four atheist bloggers have been murdered this year in Bangladesh. We hear voices from the front lines of the story.http://bbc.in/1MAXBTW