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Young People Are Abandoning Religion Long Before They Go to College

Young people are less indoctrinated from an early age than ever before, and it’s hurting organized religion.

Why Science Is Not in Conflict with Religion – TheHumanist.com

SCIENCE AND RELIGION have had a long, rich history of conflict, most famously with the case of Galileo, who was found guilty of heresy for discovering one of the basic truths of our solar system.

So Long, Self: How Christianity Teaches You to Hate Yourself

One of the great joys of living in the Bible Belt is that you can hear Christian music played overhead almost anywhere you go. Just last weekend I had to make stops at a coffee shop, a gym, a fried chicken place, a doughnut place (I know, the irony), a clinic office, and a pharmacy, and every single one of those places was playing Christian music.