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The Promise of Secular Humanism: Towards a Better Way of Life

Every minute we waste speculating about the afterlife limits the value of our lives right now. Secular humanism is the best way forward for humanity.

As churches close in Minnesota, a way of life fades

Minnesota’s mainline Christian denominations face unprecedented declines, altering communities and traditions celebrated for generations.

Study: Better Government Services and Quality of Life Reduce Need for Religion

The better the quality of life your government offers, the less need you have for religion, the study found.

‘Atheism’ is still a slur in American life, DNC emails show – NY Daily News

Why did the Democratic National Committee play the “no faith” card against Bernie Sanders?

The Way of the Heathen offers a new look at navigating the atheist life

Too often I hear from atheists that being an atheist defines very little about who they are. That their non-belief in god may not even appear in a top 10 list of things they feel are important to them.

How Life of Brian is starting a revolution against the Church

The Church in Germany still has a relationship to the state much closer than in many other western democracies. But the public showing of a British comedy classic could change that.

Losing my religion: life after extreme belief | World news | The Guardian

Fleeing the grip of a sect can be a matter of life or death. Megan Phelps-Roper, and two other former believers, reveal how they lost almost everything when they lost their faith

Yes, Life Without Religion Can Be Meaningful

Most people want to live meaningful lives. They want to live lives that are worthwhile and fulfilling. But what makes life fulfilling and worth living? What makes life meaningful?

What Not to Say to an Atheist | Healthy Life

Spirituality comes in many forms. But, for atheists, spirituality can be a lot more complex and doesn’t revolve around the traditional God or other higher power that most of us believe in. Too often people believe that atheists will “change their ways” if they’re just convinced of the existence of god, and so atheists are subjected to incessant lectures by well-meaning individuals. Believe me, atheists have heard all of the arguments before

Critical thinking is needed throughout life, not just in science | New Scientist

We define scientific literacy too narrowly: the tools of science are applicable to everything from economics to terrorism