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Jeff Sessions’ ‘religious liberty task force’ part of a dangerous Christian nationalist campaign of discrimination

Jeff Sessions’ new religious liberty task force part of Christian nationalist campaign to weaponize religious liberty. And LGBT people will suffer the most.

Secular Coalition Calls Religious Liberty Guidelines An Attack on the Rule of Law | Secular Coalition for America

Secular Coalition of America’s official statement in response to sweeping new guidelines from the Department of Justice that turn religion into a get-out-jail-free card

Trump Admits His Religious Liberty Order Is Just “A Great Thing for Christianity”

President Trump sat down with Pat Robertson in the Oval Office on Wednesday to give his first non-Fox News interview in more than two months. The Christian Broadcasting Network just posted the full video of its founder’s conversation with the president, and while no one was expecting the 87-year-old televangelist to ask hard-hitting questions, the sycophantic glad-handing between the two wealthy, elderly white men was hard to stomach.

How Republican ‘Religious Liberty’ Laws Are F**king Destroying America

So-called “religious liberty” and “religious freedom” laws are passing like wildfire, as hatemongers look to legally discriminate against the LGBT community