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Tennessee lawmakers pass bill requiring ‘In God We Trust” be displayed in schools

The bill overwhelmingly passed the state House on Monday with 81 of the 99 members voting in favor of it.

Miss. lawmakers pass bill letting churches appoint unaccountable ‘soldiers of God’ as armed security

The Republican-dominated Mississippi state Senate approved a bill on Tuesday allowing churchgoers carry concealed firearms without a permit while also allowing churches to designate and train members to serve as armed security.

Georgia lawmakers pass sweeping anti-gay bill — Project Q Atlanta

Georgia lawmakers in the House and Senate passed a sweeping ‘religious freedom’ bill on Wednesday that allows faith-based groups, churches and individuals to discriminate against LGBT people.

Some Lawmakers Are Making The Separation Of Church And State Seem Like A Total Joke

Any decent, red-blooded American politician loves the Constitution. It seems fair, then, to expect these politicians to respect the very first right established by that great document: “Congress

4 Ways Lawmakers Still Grovel to the Christian Right, Even As Right-Wing Religion Declines in America | Alternet

From Bibles to school prayer, legislatures are signaling their religious stripes.