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Non-believers by far Australia’s largest single ‘religious’ group: Now give us the recognition we deserve | Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc

The godless in Australia say enough is enough.

Arizona’s Largest Women’s Health Network Obstructs Abortion Access Due To Religious Beliefs — Protect Thy Neighbor

Nicole Knight Shine wrote a fascinating investigative piece for Rewire about MomDoc, a Mormon-owned women’s health network in Arizona that uses religion to deny women the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare. Although MomDoc receives federal dollars via its Medicaid patients, the practice actively suppresses abortion access on religious grounds by forcing its staff to keep mum about Plan B emergency contraception or abortion providers.

Nigeria (with 70% living in poverty) Unveils Largest Jesus Statue in Africa. | United Humanists

The largest statue of Jesus in Africa was unveiled on Friday in the country of Nigeria, with hundreds of spectators present. According to Christian Today, the statue is nearly 30 feet tall and weighs 40 tons. It has…