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Watchdog finds much larger Catholic influence on U.S. hospitals | Grand Forks Herald

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A growing number of U.S. hospitals are now owned or affiliated withCatholic health institutions that restrict procedures such as sterilizations…

Humanists call for end to religious influence in schools – BBC News

The influence of religion’s influence in education has been “strengthened” despite its declining influence in Scottish society, according to a report.

Influence of Churches, Once Dominant, Now Waning in South – ABC News

Influence of Churches, Once Dominant, Now Waning in South

The influence of science and reason on moral progress – LA Times

To what should we attribute this moral progress? Understandably, most people point to religion as the primary driver, given its long association with all matters moral. But the evidence shows that most of the moral development of the last several centuries has been the result of secular forces, and that the most important of these are reason and science, which emerged from the Enlightenment.