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The Promise of Secular Humanism: Towards a Better Way of Life

Every minute we waste speculating about the afterlife limits the value of our lives right now. Secular humanism is the best way forward for humanity.

Phil Robertson rails against secular humanism at Value Voters Summit.

First, the very notion of a “value voters summit” is plain stupid. All voters have values, and acting like they don’t if they’re not in your camp is about the dumbest thing since the last time Donald Trump opened his mouth. What’s more, I’m happy to debate whose values are better (mine).

Thanks to CFI: Children can dream big again and humanism spread across Africa! – CSI

Setting up the Humanist Orphan Center was a response to irrationality, to empower abandoned children, and to educate the community about HIVAIDS.

No Man’s Sky: Vastness and Humanism Inhabit a Video Game

“The true value of No Man’s Sky lies in something both incredibly simple and breathtaking. The point of the game is to discover and share knowledge with the other inhabitants of the universe. It’s almost as if the developers took the Enlightenment-era Encycloédie and turned it into a science fiction video game; a true testament to the best qualities and powers of the Information Age.”

Yale Humanists Shine a Light on Humanism

One of the greatest powers of religion is its capacity to uplift people, to grab hold of something deep in the core of humanity and raise it high, as a beacon we can all follow. At their best, religions have an extraordinary capacity to craft stories and symbols which offer a vision of an improved humanity. They light us up.

Secular humanism and secularization | Center for Inquiry

Yesterday a member of the public asked me, “What could secular humanism have done to prevent today’s slaughter in Brussels?” Here (aside from a very few edits) is how I answered:

Christian Right Leader: Secular Humanism is Satanic

Someone get the man a dictionary!

Just Be Good for Goodness’ Sake: Humanism and Charitable Giving

Humanists give because we know a higher power won’t save us; we have to save each other. It’s about being good because it’s the right thing to do.

Humanism, Doubt, and Optimism – TheHumanist.com

LAWRENCE KRAUSS has had an extensive and impressive career in theoretical physics. He received undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, his PhD in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he has taught at Yale and Case Western Reserve University. Krauss is currently Foundation Professor in the School […]

What Can Humanism Learn from Christianity?

ICYMI: A look at what humanism can learn from the church. What’s transferable, and what’s not?