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Florida House approves bill to post “In God We Trust” in all public schools

With the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting still looming large, its students in the Capitol to lobby for gun controls, the Florida House overwhelmingly passed a measure Wednesday its sponsor sai

White House aims for Thursday signing of religious liberty executive order – POLITICO

The signing would represent a major triumph for Vice President Mike Pence.

Jamie Raskin, An Openly Humanist U.S. House Candidate from Maryland, Just Won His Primary

Finally, a candidate who doesn’t hide the fact that he’s not religious.

An Atheist in the White House: Secularism and the American Presidency – Harvard Political Review

Why does religiosity remain a requirement to become the president of a country in which almost of a quarter of its citizens claim no religious affiliation?

Tennessee House Bill Would Let Therapists Refuse to Treat Atheists, Gay People, and Other Sinners

Is this what being a Christian is all about now?

Oklahoma House Repeals Church State Separation

In a futile attempt to return a Ten Commandments monument to the state Capitol, the Oklahoma House rejects the separation of church and state, passing a measure that could lead to the persecution of non-Christians.

Another Candidate for Arizona State House Comes Out as an Atheist

Her District tips blue, so she has a fighting chance here.

Antiscience bill in Mississippi | NCSE

House Bill 50, introduced in the Mississippi House of Representatives and referred to the House Education Committee on February 8, 2016, would, if enacted, allow science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased — and prohibit responsible educational authorities from intervening.

Oklahoma House passes bill restricting marriage to people of faith

A bill that would restrict the right to marry to people of faith and would mandate all marriage licenses be approved by a member of the clergy was approved by the Oklahoma state House on Tuesday.