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You don’t have to be religious to revel in the holiday season – LA Times

I’m not a believer in God, but that’s never stopped me from reveling in holiday cheer. Jewish by birth, I’ve never met a latke I didn’t love. I’ve found that lighting a menorah and attending a midnight Mass afford me an opportunity to meditate on the humanist values I hold dear: inclusiveness,…

Which Holiday Do You Celebrate in December? – TheHumanist.com

Humanists may no longer belong to a traditional religious group, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy holiday celebrations! Do you celebrate a secular version of Christmas or Hanukkah? Do you have plans to attend a HumanLight or Winter Solstice party? Tell us how you celebrate during the month of December and take our poll below!

Christianity Has a Major Boundary Problem

Holiday season is upon us, and that means many of my fellow deconverts will once again be facing their families for the annual “Come to Jesus” speeches, the subtle and not-so-subtle attempts at evangelism, and in general the myriad forms of manipulation that have kept them at a fair distance for all the other months of the year up until this point.