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Study: Better Government Services and Quality of Life Reduce Need for Religion

The better the quality of life your government offers, the less need you have for religion, the study found.

Sessions Says Secularists Unfit For Government Service

Attorney General Jeff Sessions believes that without God there is no truth, and secularists are unfit to work for the government.

Jeff Sessions Said ‘Secularists’ Are Unfit for Government

The attorney general nominee told a right-wing extremist that ‘without God, there is no truth.’ How would he enforce the country’s secular laws then?

The Federal Government Must Stop Catholic Hospitals From Harming More Women | American Civil Liberties Union

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly a common story. A woman who is expecting a baby rushes to the hospital knowing that something is going horribly awry. Her heart rate is elevated, and she is bleeding. Sadly, the pregnancy is doomed. Crying and upset, she realizes she needs an abortion because she knows the pregnancy won’t make it to term.   And she knows she is getting sicker.

A Discussion About the Best Way to End Government-Sponsored Promotion of Religion

His approach isn’t the one I’d choose for myself. But it gets results.

4 Ways Satanists Are Improving the U.S. Government | Care2 Causes

The Satantic Temple, a cheeky religion if there ever were one, is quick to seek the same questionable privileges the government grants to Christians.

Judge rules Government broke the law in excluding Humanism from school curriculum – British Humanist Association

Judge rules Government broke the law in excluding Humanism from school curriculum – British Humanist Association

New Rule: Any Politician Who Tries to Interject Religion into Government Should be Removed from Office Immediately

I’ve absolutely had it with these politicians who constantly try to inject their religion into politics and policy. Not only that, they run on the premise that our government should be based on biblical principles. Oh, by the way, it’s 100 percent unconstitutional for laws to be based on religion. But you don’t have to believe me, just read our First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …