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Good News: Montreal Is Taxing Churches

No more religious exemptions, Montreal is taxing churches: For the first time churches in Montreal are being forced to pay taxes.

The Predatory Side of Religion

Some of us have good reason to keep our misfortunes to ourselves.

Pope Francis: Donald Trump Is Not A Good Christian

“I say only that this man is not Christian if he said things like that.” Or to put it another way, even the “Right Hand of Godâ„¢” is prone to the occasional No True Scotsman fallacy.

Just Be Good for Goodness’ Sake: Humanism and Charitable Giving

Humanists give because we know a higher power won’t save us; we have to save each other. It’s about being good because it’s the right thing to do.

Does Religion Do More Harm than Good?

Religion has its good points, but does it do more harm than good? This essay does a cost-benefit analysis and discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of religion in modern times.

10 Good Reasons to Crave for a World without Religion | MinionStory

Can you imagine a world without religion? These would be the perks of a religion-free world and it’s worth craving for!.

Richard Dawkins Says Christian Who Do Good Works to Avoid Hell Are ‘Self-Centered’

Atheist professor and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has said that Christians who do good works only to avoid Hell or receive the award of Heaven are “self-centered.”

Leaving Islam: How I became an atheist

‘No matter how many good things you have done before you kick the bucket, if you are not a Muslim, then bad news for you. Even back then, I had a problem accepting that part of the religious teaching’

Link Between Religiosity, Good Health Debunked | Richard Dawkins Foundation

Link Between Religiosity, Good Health Debunked | Richard Dawkins Foundation