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Disney, Marvel ready to boycott Georgia if religious liberty bill passes

They’re ready to bolt.

Georgia lawmakers pass sweeping anti-gay bill — Project Q Atlanta

Georgia lawmakers in the House and Senate passed a sweeping ‘religious freedom’ bill on Wednesday that allows faith-based groups, churches and individuals to discriminate against LGBT people.

FFRF lawsuit ends Georgia school prayer – Freedom From Religion Foundation

FFRF dismissed its lawsuit against Emanuel County School District in Swainsboro, Ga., after the district agreed to stop teacher-led prayer and proselytization in its public schools.

Georgia Already Backtracking Its Controversial Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill

“Republican Governor Nathan Deal says he doesn’t support the bill in its current form, due to how much it would cost the state.” Forget how many citizens it discriminates against. Hell, forget their own religious beliefs! What about the money?! Not the precious dollars!

Georgia’s Pastor Protection Act Is an Answer to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist

Last week after lengthy debate, Georgia’s Senate passed a controversial bill that blends two pieces of legislation: The Pastor Protection Act and the First Amendment Defense Act. Critics say that this combined legislation creates a broad license to discriminate.

Tech company to leave Georgia after religious freedom bill passed | www.wsbtv.com

One local company says it’s moving its headquarters out of Georgia.