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Nine-year-old girls in Iraq could be forced to marry under new Muslim laws

Human rights activists protest against Iraq’s bill of Jafaari Personal Status Law that could legalise child marriage, marital rape and ban Muslims from marrying non-Muslims.

Lee Descendant Forced Out of Church After Denouncing White Supremacy on MTV

More of that white Christian love: Rev. Rob Lee IV, a descendant of Robert E. Lee, was forced to leave his church after denouncing white supremacy on MTV.

No Pastors Have Been Forced to Officiate a Gay Wedding (and Hardly Anyone’s Asking Them To)

It’s like Christians weren’t hurt at all by marriage equality…

Lesbian pastor forced to resign by United Methodist Church after she comes out

After Sept. 1 Rev. Cynthia Meyer will no longer be a pastor and cannot be hired by any United Methodist church, all because she came out to her congregation.