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THE NON-FINE-TUNED UNIVERSE: The Astronomical Failure of the Cosmological Argument for Theism

Theists commonly argue that we live on a cosmological knife-edge. Numerous physical constants are said to be so vital to our existence that even the slightest change in any one of them would have produced an eternally lifeless, barren cosmos. If the gravitational constant, for example, had been scaled up or down by only a miniscule factor, or the electromagnetic or cosmological constants perturbed in the slightest, life as we know it could never have come into being.

An Excellent Takedown of the Fine-Tuning Argument

Remember: Improbable doesn’t mean impossible.

‘Pro Life’ GOPer Says It’s Fine For Kids to Die in the Name of God | Alternet

Rep. Christy Perry says it violates parents’ rights if they’re required to treat their sick children.