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Study finds religious factors linked to searches for online pornography in the United States

A state-level analysis has found that religion is correlated to searches for online pornography in the USA. The study, published in the The Journal of Sex …

Watchdog finds much larger Catholic influence on U.S. hospitals | Grand Forks Herald

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A growing number of U.S. hospitals are now owned or affiliated withCatholic health institutions that restrict procedures such as sterilizations…

Study finds 18 percent of people 60 and younger attend church | Daily Mail Online

Around the world, people are beginning to turn their backs on religion. A new study reveals the US is no longer the exception; with each passing generation, Americans too are steadily becoming less religious.

Grand Jury Finds 50 Priests Raped Hundreds Of Philadelphia Children

The wheels of justice didn’t turn at all in Philadelphia because the Church concealed the crimes and protected the rapists.

Jesus Never Existed – A New Report Finds No Mention Of Jesus In 126 Texts

Jesus never existed. That is the conclusion of a researcher who says he has combed 126 texts written during or shortly after the time Jesus is supposed to have lived — and found no mention of Jesus whatsoever.

Texas Clerk Finds Out “Religious Freedom” Isn’t Free

A gay Texas couple wins their lawsuit against the clerk who refused to issue a marriage license to them.

Creationist finds 60 million year old fossil, but he doesn’t believe that | Doubtful News

This is a great example of how even when faced with hard scientific evidence, some people just refuse to give up their cherished worldviews.