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What To Do When You Find Out Your Kids Are Being Taught Religion

I get this panicked question from godless parents at least once per week, “I just found out my child is being exposed to religious stories at school. What should I do?”

Courting trouble

Many people find Moore’s alleged sexual assaults disturbing, but the romantic pursuit of teens appears to be an accepted practice in some parts of the fundamentalist Christian community.

The Atheists Struggling to Find Secular Therapy in the Bible Belt

The rise of faith-based counseling in America’s most Christian regions has brought the clash over religious liberties to the therapist’s couch.

Proof of evolution that you can find on your body – YouTube

You have your mom’;s smile, your dad’s eyes, and the ear muscles of a Triassic mammal. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Forty-two percent of Ame…

Why Do Some People Find Deepak Chopra Quotes Deep And Not Dung?

Researchers dig deep into what makes people susceptible to BS.

Group offers way to find meaning and purpose in life | The Columbus Dispatch

As more and more Americans turn away from religion, some are beginning to wonder where they’ll find meaning and purpose in life. Gleb Tsipursky has an answer.

I Asked Atheists How They Find Meaning In A Purposeless Universe

If there’s no afterlife or reason for the universe, how do you make your life matter?