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Arizona Tries To Delete Evolution From Science Standards

Science education under attack: Arizona Department of Education officials are trying to remove the word “evolution” from the state’s science standards.

There’s No Controversy: Let’s Stop Failing Our Children On Evolution

As young-Earth creationism and its “humans and dinosaurs co-existed” discourse continues to be popular, anthropologist Barbara J. King takes a look at how to help kids understand evolution.

Proof of evolution that you can find on your body – YouTube

You have your mom’;s smile, your dad’s eyes, and the ear muscles of a Triassic mammal. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Forty-two percent of Ame…

Headteacher mocked on Twitter for claiming evolution is not a fact | World news | The Guardian

Richard Dawkins weighs in on social media debate after Christina Wilkinson said there was ‘more evidence that Bible is true’

Many Americans reject evolution, deny climate change and find GM food unsafe, survey finds | Science | The Guardian

Study points to worrying gulf between the opinions held by scientists and the general public in the US on key issues

10 common myths about evolution | The Logic of Science

Evolution is the single most important concept in all of biology. It is absolutely vital for understanding both the history of life on earth and why our modern organisms have their current traits and behaviors. Nevertheless, it is also one of the most misunderstood concepts in modern science. Much of the confusion stems from creationists'…

Are humans still evolving? Yes, both globally and locally. « Why Evolution Is True

The one question I’m inevitably asked after lecturing on evolution to a general audience is this: “Are humans still evolving?” What they really want to know, of course, is whether we’re getting smarter, taller, handsomer, and so on. Well, with respect to those traits I always say, “I have no idea,” but humans are still evolving,…

Teaching human evolution at the University of Kentucky: There are some students I’ll never reach.

This essay is adapted from a piece originally printed in the March/April 2015 issue of Orion. Request a free trial issue of Orion here. To teach evolution at the University of Kentucky is to teach at an institution steeped in the history of defending evolution education. The first effort to pass an anti-evolution law…

A new book on the nonexistence of the soul « Why Evolution Is True

I wasn’t aware of this new book, but it would seem to be a good complement to The Albatross. It’s by Julien Musolino, a professor of cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics at Rutgers, and is called The Soul Fallacy: What Science Shows We Gain by Letting Go of Our Soul Beliefs. It was published by Prometheus, came out…