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Evangelicals Are Optimistic That Trump Will Bring About The Apocalypse

Evangelicals are hoping that President Donald Trump brings about the apocalypse.

Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy

A tenth say it’s the most important reason they do so.

The Irreligious Now Outnumber White Evangelicals in America

New data on religious trends from ABC and the Washington Post shows that people reporting “no religion” are now a much larger part of the population than the white evangelicals who dominate the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s “base.”

Generation Z Is Less Religious Than Ever, and Evangelicals Don’t Know Why

One evangelical writer said, in complete sincerity, that the way to keep teenagers in the church was to

Kachetiendg: It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban

Evangelicals are The American Taliban. To many, that will seem a garish and inconceivable statement. The entire purpose of this article is to point out that religious extremism also exists in America as it does in other parts of the world, and that it is not just radical muslims who are extreme, it’s also radical christians … and that religious extremism can start with something as simple as, “I’ll pray for you.”

White Evangelicals Say They Face More Discrimination Than Muslims

A new study suggests different groups of Americans see their country in radically divergent ways.

It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban

“The Council For National Policy” is a Conservative Think Tank, made up of a who’s who of prominent conservatives; Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Reince Priebus, Tim LaHaye, Bobby Jindal, John McCain…

On Gorsuch, it’s evangelicals vs. atheists

The clash between two of the country’s largest religious groups forebodes a fierce and high-stakes battle over Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Apocalypse Now: Evangelicals No Longer A Major Political Force And It Scares The Bejesus Out Of Them

Christian Evangelicals – America’s most vocal religious demographic is terrified of becoming one more marginalized religious minority.

Irish Atheists, Evangelicals and Muslims unite for Secularism

Atheist Ireland, the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community speaking together in support of separation of church and state