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Batman is An Atheist, DC Comics Confirms | ScreenRant

Batman comics reveal Bruce Wayne lost faith in God after the death of his parents – and how he tried to find something else to believe in.

New research confirms substantial majority of Scottish people are not religious and not spiritual

A new report, commissioned by Humanist Society Scotland, reveals that a substantial majority (59%) of Scottish people do not hold either religious or spiritual beliefs. The research carried out by Survation, polled over 1,000 Scottish residents about a range of issues relating to their religious affiliations and beliefs.

Senate Confirms Dangerous Catholic Extremist To Appeals Court

New judge claims her religious faith comes before the law: Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to a lifetime appointment on the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Another Study Confirms Christianity is Fading in America – World Religion News

Christianity is still the majority religion in America, but it continues to decline in popularity.