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A Guide to All the Drama Roiling the Satanic Community

The Satanic Temple is currently embroiled in drama that involves Twitter, a lawsuit, the alt-right, and somehow, ’80s child-star Corey Feldman.

Chat with the founder of Black Nonbelievers on community building and public engagement

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: There are a lot of terms that float around with regards to formal non-religion. Those who are often termed “the Nones” or “the religiously unaffiliated.” They can be…

I Grew Up in a Cult-y Christian Community and Lost My Faith Because of It | VICE | United States

Singer Joseph Coward was brought up as part of a church known then as New Frontiers International. His experience was one of homophobia, control tactics, and a system that bore “all the calling cards of a cult.”

When we give up a faith, we grieve for the community we leave behind | Brandon G Withrow | The Guardian

Stepping away from a faith isn’t just a belief sea change. It’s also a large loss – of culture, and sometimes family

A Rebuttal to “5 Ways The Atheist Community Is Hurting Itself”

A Rebuttal to “5 Ways The Atheist Community Is Hurting Itself”