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What Is the Most “Godless” City on Earth?

Surveys reveal the least religious, most atheistic population centers in the world.

Police Chief Explains Connecticut City’s Problems: ‘People Have Abandoned God’ – The New Civil Rights Movement

Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Chief of Police is blaming residents for the city’s problems, such as gangs and shootings, saying at a march to support his officers on Saturday, “people have abandoned God.”

Atheist Whose Invocation Was Cut Off Early at TN City Council Meeting Will Get a Second Chance

This would never have happened to a Christian.

New Phoenix (AZ) City Council Policy Allows Only Christian Chaplains to Give Invocation Prayers

The City Council is shutting out non-Christian perspectives.

PHOENIX: City Council Ends All Invocations Rather Than Allow Opening Prayer By Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple, which is actually a group of atheist activists and pranksters, has trolled the Phoenix City Council into ending its practice of opening their meeting with prayers.

City of Orange pulling nativity scene after atheists demand equa – 12 News

The City of Orange Monday announced it will remove a Nativity scene Christmas decoration from city hall after receiving a request from an atheist organization to put up a sign.