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As churches close in Minnesota, a way of life fades

Minnesota’s mainline Christian denominations face unprecedented declines, altering communities and traditions celebrated for generations.

Jesus Rode A Dinosaur: Conference looks at what churches tell teens about science

EDINA, Minn. (RNS) — A two-day conference started with a hunch — that youth pastors in America weren’t ready to talk about faith and science with the students in their churches.

Good News: Montreal Is Taxing Churches

No more religious exemptions, Montreal is taxing churches: For the first time churches in Montreal are being forced to pay taxes.

Texas Churches Are Suing FEMA for Excluding Them in Disaster Relief Grants

Using taxpayer funds to rebuild these churches would be a complete violation of church/state separation.

No more religious exemptions: Montreal is taxing churches

Churches in Montreal are becoming concerned about hosting community groups after being hit with bills for municipal taxes.

Exodus: churches lose 11 worshippers for every new member

Mainstream churches are haemorrhaging worshippers around 11 times as fast as they can attract new converts, stark research on the state of faith in Britain shows.

Watch: Bill Maher Explains Why Churches Should Pay Taxes

Tax the Church: Bill Maher makes a powerful case for ending the tax exempt status for religious institutions.

Bill Grants Churches the Power to Make ‘Soldiers of God’ Who Can Legally Kill Citizens Like Cops – The Free Thought Project

mississippi, house bill 786, soldier of god, church and state

Miss. lawmakers pass bill letting churches appoint unaccountable ‘soldiers of God’ as armed security

The Republican-dominated Mississippi state Senate approved a bill on Tuesday allowing churchgoers carry concealed firearms without a permit while also allowing churches to designate and train members to serve as armed security.

U.S. churches are now costing taxpayers $71 billion a year

A new study says that tax exempt churches in the United States are costing its citizens $71 billion each year in tax breaks.