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Jesus Camp: An Atheist’s Experience at an Evangelical Retreat

My father had just picked me up from my job and we headed over to his church to meet the rest of his fellow church “family”. He had invited me to an all-male religious retreat an hour away north of…

How Camp Quest Oklahoma Will Be Using the Money That a Christian Charity Refused

Children will be helped with this money after all!

The kids of Jesus Camp, 10 years later: ‘Was it child abuse? Yes and no’

The controversial 2006 documentary about an evangelical church camp outraged secular audiences, but its subjects have mixed memories

Guest Post: At Camp Quest I Learned I’m Not Alone

The following is a guest post by Jaime Isham. Jaime was a first year volunteer counselor at Camp Quest Oklahoma, Camp Quest Kansas City, and Camp Quest West SoCal in 2015. In this guest post she writes about #WhyWeCQ. Fill out this quick form if you’re interested in more information about volunteering for Camp Quest after reading about Jaime’s experience.