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Trump’s Call For A National Day Of Prayer Divides Rather Than Unites

We’ve watched from afar the devastation and tragedy brought by Hurricane Harvey to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Our hearts are with those who are just beginning the recovery process. As difficult as the past week has been, there is some comfort in watching, as we often do, Americans coming together to aid those in the area through donations and volunteering.

Rather than focus on what has brought everyone together, however, President Donald Trump today held a press event in the Oval Office with a bevy of religious fundamentalist leaders and signed a proclamation declaring Sunday as a National Day of Prayer. (Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a similar proclamation.)

Foundation continues call for University of Iowa to close prayer rooms

An out-of-state foundation is continuing to call on the University of Iowa to close 2 designated prayer rooms on campus.

Humanists call for end to religious influence in schools – BBC News

The influence of religion’s influence in education has been “strengthened” despite its declining influence in Scottish society, according to a report.

Conservatives Call For ‘Religious Freedom,’ But For Whom? : NPR

Republican presidential candidates decry what they call a “war on faith.” Religious conservatives say they face anti-Christian bigotry. But the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment reveals a double standard.

Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines : Goats and Soda : NPR

Africa marks one year without polio on Tuesday. But there are now concerns in Kenya, where bishops have declared a boycott of the vaccine on the eve of a WHO polio vaccination campaign.